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GUB Digital Repository and Library

The Green University Library is now piloting dSpace (Digital Institutional Repository and Library) software. Through this software, our users can download e-books directly from any computers of Green University campuses. Users can request to upload any books they need in our Facebook group or by mail.

The Repository is currently collecting, preserving, and disseminating e-books. In future library has a plan of preserving contents like articles, thesis, dissertation, official documents, and pictures and so on.

Green University Library (Facebook Group)

Library officials and users must have a very good interrelation to make the library services effective. Users’ feedback is very important in this regard. The library of the Green University created a group in facebook to get feedback. Through this group users can communicate with library officials, ask any questions regarding books and services, request to upload books on dSpace, post any inspiring quote, getting library notice easily, complain against any personnel or services and so on.


The 10 most checked-out in the past 3 months
Title Item type Checkouts  
Accounting principles /

Weygandt, Jerry J. - Wiley, New York : 2016 - xvii, various pages. : 29 cm.

Item type Book Checkouts: 10 Place hold
Marketing management /

Kotler, Philip. - Pearson; New York; 2016 - xxvi, 692 pages,118 variously numbered pages : 29 cm.

Item type Book Checkouts: 8 Place hold

মোনায়েম সরকার - ভাষাচিত্র, ঢাকা: - ৩৭৫ পৃ. ২২ সে. মি.

Item type Book Checkouts: 2 Place hold
সমাজচিন্তা ও সমাজতাত্ত্বিক মতবাদ :

- নভেল পাবলিশিং হাউস, ঢাকা : - ৫১২ p. : ২৪cm.

Item type Book Checkouts: 1 Place hold

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